America: a Foreign markets exploration studie

A store-check of the packaged goods and beverages by Walmart, the major supermarkets chain in the U.S.A. shed some interesting enlightenments. Some brands, although well implemented in Europe, are absent of its shelves, while others, although much smaller, are present. America is thus in the reach (and profitable) for middle size foreign food companies, provided they have the right product, that is to say a product sufficiently typical to prompt the interest of the American consumers, … and the adequate approach of this market.

Our proposition of market research: « Is America at reach? » will tell you the potentiality of your products in America:

  • By providing essential overall information,
  • By assessing the actual market of your category of products,
  • By measuring the appeal of your product relative to current contenders and highlighting its « wining selling argument »


Thanks to:

  • The Open World Online Panel (2.85 million panelists in the U.S.), for collecting the data.
  • A daily diary of the purchases of 1000 households from the American middle class, for an assessment of the current market.
  • A « pseudo-purchase » for measuring the appeal of your packaged product.

And in case the conditions of the market are acceptable and your product appealing, it is also possible to conduct a taste test to make sure that your product suits American consumers

We are available to assist you in setting up this study for your product category, please find further information on our organization at