An universal typology of women towards food for explaining cultural differences observed in multi-country tests

Having tested food products from across the world in our testing laboratory in Paris and also having tested French food in many countries through our network Open World, we know that we don’t get the same results depending on different culture, in terms of people’s habits and tastes. Hence our surprise when seeing the results of an ethnographic study carried out in Russia, France and the Netherlands prior to a product test, that highlighted the four same basic types of women in respect of their attitudes toward dining and food products. An universal typology thus?!

Of course, it is obvious that people don’t eat the same way across all three countries. An online quantitative survey provided us with the solution to this enigma.

Although women in the three countries were categorized under the same four basic types, the proportion of each type of consumers is very different from one country to another. Hence the different results between France, Russia or Holland towards the same products, towards the same concepts or towards the same advertising messages. However, if the results are broken down into the four basic universal types of women, they are very similar amongst the women of the same category from one country to another (and very different from one type of women to the other within the same country).

The cultural differences observed in the multi-country test do not thus stem from a totally different way of thinking depending on the country, but from a different composition of their population across the four universal types of women towards food. And it is pretty interesting to know what each type likes and dislikes.

You’ll find hereunder a short introduction to the four universal types of women with regards to food. It will allow you to sort the results of any food test according to these typologies.

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