Open World: Expert in Food & Beverage

schijf-van-vijfThe Open World Expert in FOOD & BEVERAGE is Kyu No (KOREA).


Kellogg’s, Diageo, Jägermeister, Pulmuone, Lee Kum Kee, Glico, Chongga Kimchi, Orion, OB Beer, Lotte Liquor, etc


R&R is specialized in Sensory Tests for Food & Beverage, and R&R has its own Sensory Norm based on 50,000 samples of Korean consumers which we have observed over many years, mainly through gang survey and FGD. Based on this norm, we test concept and products. With the scores from various tests, concepts and products are then graded A to D accordingly.

R&R’s Sensory Norm allows us to evaluate and locate the relative position of the product’s overall satisfaction or purchase intention in the product market. It is used for NPD study, as described below, and also to decide on a new product launch or to understand the product’s relative competitiveness in the market, its strength and weakness, attributes that need to be improved, and the attributes that contribute to the consumer’s satisfaction level the most.


This study is designed to develop new product through probing product competitiveness and USP verification of the brand and its competitors.

1. Establish a new product development direction based on concept evaluation.

2. Discover potential for development through probing into Product competitiveness and Design features such as packaging.

3. Develop a Brand portfolio Strategy in the market.

4. Locate its position on the sensory norm and figure out its competitiveness and strength/weakness.

5. Through these steps a new F&B product develops.


-Gang survey rooms that hold up to 60 people

-Fully equipped cooking/preparation room

-Two one-way mirror rooms with video recording and monitoring via internet

-Tablet PC direct data entry system

Research&Research will provide Full Assistance to the Open World Partners in regards to any Food & Beverage Study.

Contact: Kyu No, responsible for Food & Beverage Studies. (