Full Partners (yearly fee € 1500 if ESOMAR member / € 2000 if not)

  • Any country belonging to the top 20 GDP* should be a full partner.
  • Appear on all Open World advertising (logo, name, e-mail).
  • Be invited to the annual assembly.
  • Vote in the assembly on every important issue.
  • Take part in any “Open World” Syndicate study.
  • Can not be dismissed except by the assembly.

A clear participation in Multi-country Market Research

In order to enlarge our network to smaller countries, especially in regards of the Brand Pull Study aimed at these countries, we have introduced an “Associated Member” status, besides the existing Full Partnership.

Associated Members (yearly fee € 750)

  • Come once to the assembly meeting for an introduction or by special invitation.
  • Participate in any Open World syndicate study in their country.
  • Promote their belonging to Open World on their home turf (i.e. paper letter, advertising, individual communication to client).
  • Do not lay on the overall advertising (get a support for local advertising).
  • Do not vote on any important issues.
  • Can be dismissed by the board.

A first step in Multi-country Market Research
N.B. Both are the only representative of “Open World” in their country.

*US, Japan, Germany, China, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Russia, India, South Korea, Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, Sweden, Indonesia.