Openworld RRNL logoRRNL essence as a one-stop-shop is to provide insightful and actionable facts upon which client’s strategy and growth depends.

Businesses all over the world have become increasingly competitive. Only those who are insightful can know, seize and consolidate the future.  Branding, customer relationships and consumer insights play increasing role in strategic planning of any business. At RRNL, we understand your world and immerse ourselves to achieving your dreams.

Our operational base is in Lagos, the commercial nerve of Nigeria. We have representations in each of the 6 geo-political zones (regions) of Nigeria. Our focus is to be the pivot point for both local and international clients – marketing research companies, development agencies and independent consultants who want to explore the West, East, Central, South and North Africa marketing environment through our creative fieldwork services.

Our pool of highly motivated professionals provide the root for our growth and their experiences are the ingredients that have seasoned our competences.

Our philosophy is to provide quality services in accordance with the industry’s professional ethics. As specialists in operation management, we introduce innovations that ensure that clients get premium value for their money through established solution-based processes.

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