The Single International Qualitative ApproacH (“SIQAH”)

It is very difficult to come up with consistent international qualitative studies.

  • oceanIt is crucial that local researchers get full freedom in their analysis to enable them to bring to the forefront the elements that are most influential.
  • But due to the need to produce one single international qualitative research practice by demanding compliance to a strict procedure.

They force me to ask such directive questions, that I am not even able to tell myself what is the motivation that triggers the behaviour in my own country.” said a French professor of psychology.

The Single International Qualitative ApproacH does not restrict local analysis and provides a high standard overall report.

It epitomizes our claim that a multi-country study is worth more than the mere sum of its national building blocks.

Discover what lies underneath the Surface…
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The << S I Q A H >>
(Single International Qualitative ApproacH)

Provides a High Quality Overall Report
Without Compromising on the Local Analysis
With the help of our Unique Tool:

The “Tilt Cross Cultural Reconciliation

Screenshot 2015-01-05 at 18.13.54The reconcilliation of the national results is made by Rajeswari Bonala, member of the Qualitative Research Consultant Association.

Price of this International Qualitative appoach is of 25% of the sum of the local studies.