The Tilt Cross Cultural Study

The Tilt is based on three building blocks:

1. The National Cultural Model (Hofstede)

Using four basic dimensions for defining the national values of a country: Power distance, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertrainty Avoidance.

2. The Crocus Brand Model (Crocus 2005)

Measuring the expectations people have toward brands (kind and importance)

3. The Tilt Model (run in 2010 by the Open World partners)

Unveiling which great political poles each country leans to: Patriotism vs Cosmopolitan, religion vs Free thinking, Family vs Friends. And identifying foreign countries that each nation feels most in sync with.

The Final note, which brings together the findings from the different foreign countries, is drawn up by a seasoned local partner of Open World and focussed on market research.

Used as a foreword to any multi-country study…
Available since 2010 for France, Germany, USA, Japan, South Korea.
Available in october 2011: Russia, China, Netherlands, England, Spain, Italy.


France through the Open World Tilt Approach: